Laser Engraving Products  Electrical

Most products can be marked by a laser

Whether supplying metal tags, compliance plates & plaques for industrial applications, plastic tags and panels for the electrical installations or marking for the Promotional Goods Industry, our customers all have one thing in common – They require a fast turnaround & precision engraving.

Electrical Tags and Panel

Switchboard panels, coloured plastic layers tags (traffolyte type), stainless steel cable labels, compliance plates & anodised aluminium ID nameplates can be custom cut and engraved by Lasermark Engraving. With long durability and substantial heat tolerance, acrylic based layered plastics are the modern replacement for the more toxic Phenolic plastic (traffolyte) tags.

Differing shapes, thickness and colours can be tailored to your exact needs. Double sided tape with a temperature Range (°C) -20 to 180 can be added to all tags, cable labels, ID plates & switchboard panels. As we carry a selection coloured layered plastic sheets in stock so many jobs can be completed quickly.

2 white and 1 green laser cut and laser engraved electrical tags
Red traffolyte electrical switch panel laser cut and engraved.
laser cut and engraved yellow and black traffolyte used to make electrical and switch panel.
Small laser cut and engraved black and white traffolyte panel marked with serial and identification numbers.
Switch panel laser cut and engraved from black and white traffolyte