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Laser Engraving and Cutting Materials

It's amazing what can be marked by lasers. Here at Lasermark Engraving we have been asked to laser mark/engrave everything from the usual metals & plastics to fruit (watermelon & citrus specifically). We have the lasers necessary to mark & cut a large variety of materials.

A hand removing a completed laser job from one of our laser machines

Coated Metals for Laser Engraving

Powder coated and painted metals are treated much the same as anodised aluminium where the coated layer is removed by the laser engraving or laser marking to expose the natural material underneath. The resulting laser engraved mark whether text or logos is highly visible.

laser engraved coated multi coloured guitar  keyrings for the band Dozzi

Multi Coloured Anodised Metal.

powder coated metal that has been laser engraved

Powder Coated Metal